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The metapro wallet is a hub for metaverse players. You can access your favourite DeFi’s, NFTs, and the metaverse. Manage your assets, buy, share and sell NFT objects, connect via web3 authentication.
The Metaverse is a fascinating and evolving landscape on Web3. The concept of play-to-earn gaming and NFTs are well-known to most people. The Metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds built using blockchain technology. They can be gaming planets, NFT galleries, curated lands, or digital streets.
With metapro connect you can easily connect to your favorite app and authorize your privileges based on NFT ownability. Following is a step-by-step user guide for metapro mobile wallet application.
1. Install and open the metapro application on your mobile phone.
2. Tap on 'Create a new wallet.
3. Tap on 'Create Passcode.' This is a 6-digit passcode that protects your wallet in the metapro application and is required each time you need to open the application.
4. Enter a 6-digit passcode according to the requirements.
5. Re-enter the 6-digit passcode to confirm it.
6. Tap on the slide button to enable biometric identity access
7. Use your biometric identity (eg, Face ID or Fingerprint ID).
8. Now you have successfully created the passcode and enabled biometric identity access to your metapro application
9. Tap continue. Now you will see a 12-word recovery seed phrase. This is the private key seed phrase of your wallet. It is recommended to write down this and store it in a safe place. It will be required in case you want to import your wallet or lose your wallet.
10. After safely written down, tap on the checkbox.
11. Enter and choose a wallet name for your wallet and tap 'Continue'.
12. Now you have successfully created a new wallet. Tap 'Go to wallet' to go to your newly created wallet.
The history of the token cannot be turned off and on. They are publicly available onchain, while item experience is metadata, the game may or may not use it, it depends on the dev. If I do not implement saving score in metadata using API, they will not be saved, but this score will not be visible to other games and players.
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